Frequently Asked Questions

What are our commissions and fees?

When trading with 247BINARYOPTIONSTRADE.COM, there are no commissions.
All price quotes are incorporated into our regular dealing spreads.

Can positions be held during weekends and major holidays?

Yes, trading positions can be held over the weekend and during major holidays as well.
It is advised to audit your margin balance to avoid any negative movement against your position. Usually, currencies develop space at prices at a noticeable contrast from former levels when they are still open after a major holiday or weekend. This might hurt your excess margin.

Is it possible to open a trade position over the phone?

Yes. To open a trading position over the phone, contact your account manager.

At which hours can I trade?

Trading is available on our exchange 24 hours a day from 5:00pm ET Sunday-5:00pm ET on Friday. This includes the majority of U.S. holidays. Be advised that the odds for non-liquid market conditions happen at the beginning of the trading week. The result of could be wider spreads on specific currency pairs.

Am I able to confirm trades that I have placed?

As soon as you place a trade, you can view your trade’s confirmation. Other important information including date, time, rate, amount of contracts purchased and sold, USD value, and reference number may be seen in your account.